Early Intervention Therapy Services


Early Speech and Language Services

A speech delay is defined as difficulty producing speech sounds correctly. Speech therapy consists of the remediation and training of speech patterns so that an individual can be understood by others. A language delay occurs when a person has difficulty understanding others or expressing their thoughts, ideals and feelings. Language therapy includes treatment of receptive (understanding) and expressive (speaking) language as well as social language. Sunny Speech offers comprehensive speech and language evaluation and therapy services. 

Oral Motor and Feeding Services

An oral motor delay is when children have difficulty moving the muscles of their mouths in order to speak or eat. Feeding delays occur when a child has difficulties eating, which could be due to an oral motor delay, swallowing difficulty, structural deficits (i.e., tongue-tie) or sensory-related deficits. Swallowing therapy is used to treat individuals who have difficulty feeding (i.e., baby nursing), eating, chewing, swallowing, etc. so that they may achieve adequate nutritional intake. Sunny Speech offers evaluation and therapy services for oral motor deficits and feeding difficulties in infants and toddlers.

See Infant Feeding Therapy for more detailed information about feeding therapy with infants ages 0-12 months.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists

Our highly trained speech-language pathologists are dedicated to helping your child achieve their communication, oral motor and feeding goals. Specializing in young children, Sunny Speech therapists works directly with children who are in the Early Steps program. In order to optimize progress, our services are typically provided in your child's home or daycare so that education to caregivers can occur.


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